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We here at the International house of leggy. (more or less the admins computers.) Have decided not to go with a Halloween theme this year.
Instead we're having a Thanksgiving contest.
For those of you who don't know what thanksgiving is...
Thanksgiving is the American tradition of giving thanks for all the things that we have. (Also we eat a boat load of food. [Most importantly turkey])

For those of you new to Leggy's work she is American. She moved to Finland to go to school and live with her husband Jack.

They don't do Thanksgiving in Finland. O_O (At least not the American one... With the pilgrims and such..)

So, our theme for fall?
Teh Thanksgiving!

Feel free to ask any questions. I know that I'd be willing to answer!

Deadline is Nov. 22

The prizes have been figured out!
First place: points provided by :iconleggomywaffle:
Second: A drawing by :iconenyoiyourself:
Third: A month long stay as our feature deviation.

Other than that, good luck!

Well today is the day!!!
We got some absolutely WONDERFUL entries.

DON'T STOP BELIEVEIN' Shadowleggy! by Insanityatbest :iconinsanityatbest:

:thumb399583471: :iconpsitlapa:

DON'T STOP BELIEVEIN' (ShadowLeggy Tribute) by alinhoalisson :iconalinhoalisson:

Honestly this challenge didn't come with a winner or a prize.
BUT, I know that all of you helped bring Leggy's spirits up. That should be enough for any die-hard leggy fan to feel proud of.

This was a great challenge thanks to everyone who entered!

DON'T STOP BELIEVEIN' and we'll be back with a new contest idea coming here soon.

TA~DA-- Kelly :iconwhenshesmiled:
Guys, it's about time.

Leggy is up to her elbows in REmusical work and I think she could use a little bit of sunshiny encouragement from her fans don't cha think?

So I've come up with a theme I think she'll appreciate.

The theme is


Yeeeahhhh Like the Journey song.

Now that's just the theme, the picture or GIF can be of either RE characters or herself or any of her new works such as the TEH STREAM comics.

Now I'm giving this a month limit. Oct. 7th 2013 it will close midnight EST

Title must have

And posted to the club.

I'm BLUE!!! If I were GREEN I would die! by alinhoalisson
Shadow Leggy by ghoulsarepeopletoo
Happy Birthday Leggy! by Lil-Snowball
Layout for Leggy and MJ by CMartworkXL

Since the club has been pretty dead, I think it's time we do something to get things rolling again!

So, I want you guys to draw at least one thing Leggy related by the end of February! Draw her, draw her friends, draw a scene from her videos in your style, whatever! Let's get some activity up hurr in dis club!

No prizes for this, but, everyone who submits something between the 18th and 28th of February will get a feature on the main page. How does that sound? Now, let's do this!

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